Two Person Earth Auger – Honda Engine


This Bullmax earth auger is designed to be operated by either one or two people and has been engineered for professional and domestic use. Powered by the Honda GX50 engine that drives the Bullmax commercial quality gearbox and is built to take on the toughest job. The frame has been ergonomically designed, featuring rounded surfaces, with no protruding parts.

The two-person machine features a dual throttle system so it can be operated by a single person when using smaller size augers. Both throttle triggers automatically turn off as soon as they are released. Also features an ignition kill switch.

This machine is the complete package with all the accessories included.

  • 150mm x 800mm auger bit.
  • 200mm x 800mm auger bit.
  • 300mm x 800mm auger bit.
  • 450mm extension bar.
  • Cushioning Spring with shear bolts.

Auger bits – All feature a drill tip for starting the pilot hole and  are fitted with replaceable tungsten tip hardened blades. So when the cutting blades wear out, you simply replace the blades and not the complete auger drill.

Extension Bar – ideal for drilling to a depth greater than 800mm and can drill down to a maximum of 1,250mm and attaches easily.

Cushioning Spring – designed with your comfort and safety in mind. This device connects between the gearbox output shaft and the auger drill or extension bar. The spring continually tightens and retracts to take away some of the vibration and jarring that occurs when using a hand-held earth auger. The mounting bolts of the spring are “shear bolts” that are designed to break if the auger drill hits a rock or tree root that could cause the machine to stop abruptly.

Honda Australia has tested this machine and it has passed all of Honda’s testing procedures. The Bullmax two-man auger is certified by Honda Australia and comes with a 3 year Honda Australia engine warranty

Bullmax warranty – Frame and drivetrain come with a 12 month warranty.

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  • Powered by Honda GX50 4 stroke engine 47.9cc
  • Rated power 1.47KW @ 7,000 RPM
  • Heavy duty gearbox, engineered for commercial use
  • Auger speed 200RPM @ engine speed of 6,000 RPM
  • Replaceable cutting blades with hardened tungsten tips
  • 150mm, 200mm, 300mm drill sizes x 800mm depth
  • 450mm extension bar
  • Impact cushioning Spring
  • Shear bolts; for safety
  • Machine head; engine, gearbox & frame GW 12.5kg
  • Designed and Assembled in Australia
  • Certified by Honda Australia, Honda 3 year warranty
  • Bullmax one yar warranty for Auger, Frame, Gearbox and Attachments
Powered by Honda
GX3year warranty


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